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Electrically furling shade sail in front of a shop

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After having bad experiences with a fixed tension sail, we asked for a number of quotes from different shade sail manufacturers. As the sail was installed and I gave it a good inspection, I told Mr Wronka (C4sun's Industrial Designer) that I was absolutely delighted to have chosen C4sun as our supplier. I'd had the sail for seven days at the time and all its unique features had already been put to the test. Our business is on a hill and several strong gusts of wind and a rainstorm, and other bad weather, have already proven that the sail performs exactly as we expected. Next year's budget already includes the purchase of a second sail for our other entrance to the restaurant. I cannot praise the personal advice provided by the entire C4sun team enough. Many thanks.

Andreas Wortberg

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Sail dimensions:

Width: 4.50 m
Länge: 5.00 m

Mast height:

4.50 m


Electrically furling shade sail with internal weights.