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Premium Electrically Furling Shade Sails

Functionality, design and quality should always equate to the very best. This is the philosophy we work to, each and every day.

Whether you are a business or private customer, we would like our shade sail system to provide you with the best possible functionality every day, so that you can enjoy its timeless beauty. At C4sun, we set high standards for ourselves and for our products.

Every sail system we produce is firstly adjusted to the exact tension required at our test site for quality control purposes. The sail is then put under tension again and checked for faults, ensuring its perfection before it leaves our factory – already fully mounted on the shaft. This is our way of guaranteeing that you receive a perfect product.

We are proud of our team, our innovations, our work and our products - and wish you many years of enjoyment with our shade sails, especially hours of pleasure beneath them.

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C4sun Australia
3 Keith Campbell Court
Scoresby VIC 3179

phone +61 (0) 3 9763 5486
fax + 61 (0) 3 9763 7564


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